Interactive Roundtables


Interactive Roundtables

Join us for interactive roundtables featuring the latest technologies and solutions for boosting your organization's risk and quality endeavours. These speed-networking type presentations are 20 minutes long, allowing you to make your way to three roundtables per session. 

Don't forget to pick up a roundtable passport at the registration desk and visit four roundtables to be entered into a drawing; 100 participants will receive complimentary Maui Jim sunglasses! 


Monday, March 18

4:50pm - 5:50pm
Exhibit Hall

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Roundtable 1 with Ushur

From a 30,000 Foot View to Your Fingertips: Delivering Individualized and Effective Guidance of Care

  • Fill the knowledge gap with AI-powered, digital communications to guide members to be aware of, understand, and activate their benefits to better access needed care
  • Deep dive into how to better engage the 65+ and disabled populations on Medicare Advantage to improve Star Ratings and CSAT scores (and subsequently, member loyalty and plan revenue)
  • Live demo - art of the possible

Roundtable 2 with Semler Scientific

Can the early detection of PAD support providers in improving clinical outcomes and reducing costs?

  • Understand how to diagnose peripheral arterial disease (PAD) and how it impacts morbidity and mortality in the at-risk adult population
  • Review current management of PAD, and how appropriate treatment of PAD reduces overall morbidity and cost of care
  • Understand the current guidelines for the detection of PAD in patients with lower limb or foot ulcers, and how a diagnosis of PAD will impact the treatment plan in these patients

Roundtable 3 with Summus

Learn three pivotal strategies to elevate CAHPS performance and how virtual specialty care can augment your CAHPS score

Discover the transformative effects of:

  • Recognizing the importance of provider satisfaction as a critical lever in member satisfaction
  • Addressing high-friction member issues such as access
  • Providing a simple, human-centered customer service experience

Roundtable 4 with Secondwave Delivery Systems

Blocking and Tackling – The Keys to Success in Risk Adjustment and Quality Improvement

  • An innovative prospective program combining human-driven services and tech-enabled solutions
  • A focus on compliance
  • Provider support via field staff and tailored education

Roundtable 5 with Labcorp

Best practices for knowing your members & personalizing engagement for optimal gap closure

Roundtable 6 with Bloom Insurance

Post-Enrollment Engagement Strategies to Drive Lasting Member Relationships

  • Conducting benefit reviews immediately after enrollment to activate engagement.
  • Proactively identifying and addressing care gaps to improve health outcomes and member satisfaction.
  • Meeting members on their preferred communication channels, ensuring messages are relevant, cohesive, and build trust.


Roundtable 7 with Cozeva

Data Flow - Chronic Condition Management from Point of Care to CMS

  • Reducing provider abrasion with integrated chronic condition management at the point-of-care
  • Building solid, automated data flows leveraging DAV
  • Bridging data between care delivery organizations and health plans for leak proof CMS submissions

Roundtable 8 with Secure Exchange Solutions

Why Should Providers Connect, How to Encourage Your Provider Community to Share Data

  • Foster understanding of the significance of data sharing among providers
  • Brainstorm actionable approaches and incentives to encourage providers to share data within their community
  • Identify and address challenges hindering data sharing among providers.  

Roundtable 9 with Milliman Intelliscript

Curv® Risk Adjustment: Stop leaving money on the table! Identify new members with likely HCCs on Day One.

  • New members are chronically under-coded
  • IntelliScript’s Risk Adjustment predictive model uses Milliman’s proprietary claims data to sort incoming members according to their likely HCC coding value
  • Easy, accurate, results in minutes. Proven 6:1 benefit-to-cost ratio. 

Roundtable 10 with Quantum Health

Turn Your Members into Superfans: How Healthcare Navigation Increases Member Engagement and Boosts Star Ratings.

  • Discover the true value of healthcare navigation and its pivotal impact on Star ratings performance
  • Explore the competitive advantages for health plans that adopt healthcare navigation for their Medicare Advantage members
  • Learn how healthcare navigation can significantly enhance provider relationships and improve health outcomes

Roundtable 11 with Virgin Pulse

Harnessing Data-Driven Techniques and Personalized Member Insights to Increase Star Ratings

  • Harnessing Data for Member Insights and Predictive Modelling: Understand our strategic approach that combines comprehensive data analysis and predictive models to influence STAR ratings. This approach involves sophisticated collection and processing methods to enhance your understanding of members through our extensive data profiling and personalized tracking. The resultant insights lead to more effective targeting and improved results, thereby empowering you to serve your members efficiently and effectively.
  • Adaptable Modeling and Tailored Messaging: Learn how the dynamic nature of our models can adjust to changing scenarios and provide granular-level messaging. This section aims to demonstrate how our models are not rigid but designed to evolve, staying relevant and responsive for maximum impact.
  • Streamlining Processes for Decisive Outcomes: Find out how the integration of efficiency and consolidation within a single platform can lead to optimized results. Learn how our platform removes fragmentation, reduces redundancies, and delivers cost-effective results, improving overall STAR ratings.

Roundtable 12 with Fathom

Autonomous Risk-Adjustment Coding: Unlocking Efficiency, Accuracy, & Speed

  • Streamlined operations: Manage around seasonality and changing guidelines with highly scalable and customizable coding model
  • Audit-ready accuracy: Fathom ensures all diagnoses are at proper specificity and appropriately documented for V28 HCCs, improving RAF scores and limiting risk from data validation audits
  • Comprehensive chart review: Unlike pure NLP tools, Fathom's autonomous coding engine ingests the whole chart – capturing all buried, obscure, or "long-tail" diagnosis codes that are often missed – in minutes

Roundtable 13 with Exact Sciences

Cologuard - Roundtable

  • Exact Sciences is partnering with health plans to offer programs using Cologuard to close the COL measure
  • Screening with Cologuard offers 3 years of HEDIS credit versus 1 year for other at-home CRC screening options
  • The only cost to the health plan for these programs is the cost of a resulted test

Roundtable 14 with Wolters Kluwer

We’ve got the tools to make you a regulatory audit survivor!

  • Discuss the current regulatory pressures challenging MAOs RA programs & the significant financial impacts of avoidable coding errors
  • Review how to strategically prepare your RA team to handle any regulatory audit
  • Preview the industry’s latest tools and technology designed to help your team survive any audit

Roundtable 15 with ECLAT Health Solutions

Learn how to leverage NLP/ML technology to assist Payors and At-Risk Providers, streamline workflows, enhance the quality of patient care, and ultimately improve patient outcomes

  • Use NLP/ML algorithms to analyze patient data, including symptoms, medical history, and test results, to provide real-time clinical decision support to healthcare providers with accurate ICD-10 code specificity
  • Enhance CDI reviews NLP/ML tools to assist in identifying gaps, errors, or inconsistencies in documentation and provide real-time feedback to healthcare providers
  • Reduce the risk of coding errors with NLP/ML integration within the EHR to review encounters pre-bill

Roundtable 17 with Quad

Boost engagement and get more from first-party data: Utilize analytics, automation and proprietary insights on consumer attitudes to deliver personalized messaging that members value most

  • Use first-party data to engage members based on want they value in their Medicare Advantage Plan: health and wellness, utility benefits or accessibility
  • Learn how to focus marketing investments to drive engagement
  • Discover how to personalize communications at scale across media through automation

Roundtable 18 with FarmboxRx

The future of supplemental benefits in a challenging and ever-changing regulatory environment

  • What expectations have evolved for health plans when implementing supplemental benefits for 2025 bid year and beyond?
  • As regional health plans shift to a more targeted approach of implementing supplemental benefits what aspects of the health plan are most critical in resolving through supplemental benefits?
  • What are the key quality measures for your service area that you find the most challenging to move the needle on?

Roundtable 19 with Advantasure

Reducing Audit Risk with AI Powered Retro Coding

  • Measurement, metrics and more – the ins and outs of what your plan needs to track to identify and evaluate where you are and what progress you are making on retrospective programs
  • AI is changing the game. Real-world examples of how the best in AI and machine learning is helping plans of all sizes manage digital data and improve retrospective coding initiatives
  • You need a retrospective coding strategy that works for your unique member population, provider network and organization. How to evaluate the best options for getting to the next level in retrospective coding

Roundtable 20 with N1 Health

Lessons from Deploying Predictive AI at Scale

  • Learn the necessary tools to earn a great result (5 key components)
  • Pick a great starting point
  • Tips for measuring success and doubling down on winning use cases 

Roundtable 21 with Simply Connect

We are all service coordinators in the end learn how a white labeled Service Coordination Platform with HIPAA secure communications leads to better care coordination and increasing patient engagement scores.

  • Service Coordination is the heart of every ACO operation. Technology as a service platform along with a digital patient resource directory drives 40% closed ended referrals.
  • Elaborate how Service Care Teams can assist in staffing retention and less back and forth by taking away old healthcare for new healthcare approaches.. less paper more aligned communications.
  • Discuss how digital paper & e sign built into a flow engine for clinical pathways for each patient retains happier staff and becomes a hiring tool.

Roundtable 22 with Everly Health Solutions

Chronic kidney disease: Navigating the $124 Billion Public Health Crisis

  • Attendees will learn about the critical role of early chronic kidney disease (CKD) detection in significantly reducing healthcare costs
  • Understand the need for equitable access to CKD screening and care, especially for minority populations
  • Review advancements in CKD screening as a key to more accessible and equitable kidney health management

Roundtable 23 with Previon

At-Home Self-Collection

  • Test-To-Treat & Continuation of Care
  • Population Health Risk Adjustment
  • Lowering The Cost of Care

Roundtable 24 with Ochsner Connected Health

Reimagining Care for Cardiometabolic Conditions: A Health System-Led Approach that Benefits Health Plans and Patients Alike

  • Comprehensive Clinical Model - Epic Integration, PCP Communications, Clinical Data Flow and Appropriate Medication Management
  • Bridging the Gap in Primary Care with Dedicated Virtual Care Teams Specializing in Cardiometabolic Conditions
  • Measurable Health Plan Success Through Lowered UM, Increased HEDIS Measures, Improved Patient / Member Satisfaction

Roundtable 25 with Kaia Health

Unleashing the Potential of MSK Care with Kaia Health

  • Explore the potential of a holistic approach to MSK care, integrating preventative, rehabilitative, and behavioral interventions for comprehensive patient support
  • Discover how education and technology empower providers to deliver effective treatments and personalized care in MSK management
  • Learn about the importance of patient-centered care and shared decision-making in MSK treatment, enhancing outcomes and improving quality of life through collaborative approaches.

Roundtable 26 with Credo Health

Improving Risk Adjustment Efforts in a Post-V24 World

  • Assess your current Risk Adjustment processes and capabilities
  • Mitigating impact to RAF scores under V28’s new standards
  • Credo’s approach to pre-visit risk adjustment

Roundtable 27 with Cotiviti

Best practices and new approaches to drive value

  • Building a successful interoperability and digital data strategy
  • Adopting new solutions to respond to regulatory and industry changes
  • Integrating technologies into expert workflows to enhance team performance

Roundtable 28 with Evernorth Health Services

Improving Polychronic Care

  • SOLUTION: We serve patients who struggle to navigate the healthcare system. We meet patients where they are on their care journey by bringing high-quality primary and preventive care services to the home.
  • IMPACT: By making home a preferred site of care we are addressing SDOH disparities, improving convenience and reducing fragmentation.
  • OUTCOMES: Health assessments and gap closure screenings are crucial to identifying and managing a patient’s true health risks, chronic conditions, and additional care needs.


Tuesday, March 19

8:00am - 9:00am
Exhibit Hall

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Roundtable 1 with Greater Good Health

Integrated Clinical Solutions for Value-Based Programs

  • Greater Good Health will provide an overview of our clinical solutions, delivered by Nurse Practitioners across multiple modalities (in clinic, in home, virtual), private-labeled as our client; these include programs focused on risk adjustment, quality improvement, complex care management, transitions of care, and value-based primary care.
  • We will share our industry-leading outcomes, including outreach, productivity, clinical efficacy, and return on investment.
  • This roundtable will include discussion on the impact of changes to risk adjustment, the necessity of de-siloing risk and quality programs, and how to create meaningful, effective programs that reduce provider abrasion, improve patient outcomes, and decrease the total cost of care.

Roundtable 2 with Nations Benefits

Flex Card Technology: Disrupting Healthcare

  • Discuss recent challenges health plans have experienced with flex cards and possible solutions
  • Explore ways to incorporate flex cards that will improve the member experience
  • Hear lessons learned from developing a flex card strategy that is effective, appreciated, and sustainable

Roundtable 3 with The Helper Bees

Leveraging Non-Medical Drivers of Health: Innovative Strategies to Address Social Determinants of Health

  • How can a holistic ecosystem of non-medical service providers solve for a members unique SDoH needs?
  • How does streamlining the process of sourcing, contracting, credentialing and payment reduce the administrative burden on plans?
  • How can targeted data insights improve ROI, NPS, and plan retention?

Roundtable 4 with Annova Solutions

AI in Healthcare

  • Harnessing the Power of Large Language Models for Innovative Risk Adjustment Strategies in Healthcare
  • AI as a Catalyst for Identifying Social Determinants of Health, Substance Use Disorders and Quality of Care Measures
  • Beyond Periodic Audits: Leveraging AI for Ongoing Risk Adjustment Compliance and Enhanced Healthcare Integrity

Roundtable 5 with Albertsons Companies

Harnessing the power of engagement to close care gaps and address drivers of health; elevating member engagement and access to improve plan ratings.

  • Leveraging retail health solutions to improve your members access to care
  • Connecting drivers of health through screenings and gap closures with convenient access for members and lower plan costs
  • Recognizing the value of incentives to drive engagement and improve health outcomes
  • Utilizing supplemental OTC and healthy food benefits to improve plan offerings with better ROI and MLR

Roundtable 6 with 3M

Ensuring Accurate Healthcare Reimbursement and Patient Care: How Technology Improves the Link Between Physicians and Payers

  • Discuss the various requirements and guidelines set by the various payers (e.g., Medicare, private insurers)
  • How physicians align their documentation and coding practices to meet these standards
  • Discuss the importance of effective communication between physicians and payers while maintaining high-quality patient care

Roundtable 7 with HCC Coder by innoviHealth

An inside look at HCC Coder

  • Complete AHA archive is available in one, Easy-to-Use application
  • V28 blended score in Risk Calculator now available
  • Over 72,000, "always current" MedAbbrev medical acronyms and abbreviations now integrated

Roundtable 8 with American Logistics

Delivering an accessible, quality transportation program to your members that doesn’t elevate grievance counts.

  • Transportation does not have to be a barrier to care with omni-channel access and multi-touch communication to offer a simple solution to members
  • A transportation management company has nationwide access to qualified NEMT providers with systematic provisions to ensure quality service for all demographics
  • Transportation programs can now be administered directly from health plans with logistical support from management companies like American Logistics

Roundtable 9 with MOBE

Cracking the Code: Using AI and Data Analytics to Maximize Health Outcomes and Unlock Savings

  • Comprehensive health claims analysis that uncovers member behaviors through claims patterns - not cost, risk or diagnosis
  • Whole-person approach focused on lifestyle and medication management
  • Tangible results in health outcomes and financial savings--with zero risk

Roundtable 12 with Careington

Careington Benefits Enhance Your Benefits & OTC Card

  • Careington’s portfolio includes 150+ money-saving nontraditional products & services offering significant savings on dental, vision, hearing, prescription and other ancillary products
  • Careington can help enhance your OTC Card, saving the health plan carrier on annual spend and stretching the dollar amount for the consumer
  • Careington can create a custom product bundle to enhance your members’ existing benefitsUnderstand Integrated Care: Gain insights into the core principles of integrated care and how it differs from traditional chronic care management

Roundtable 13 with Healthrageous

A Ground-breaking Food Strategy for MA Benefit Design

  • How Molina saved $1400 PMPY with food and engagement
  • How Molina maintains a 10%+ retention lift with nutritionally managed members
  • How benefit design can support new regulation and reporting requirements

Roundtable 14 with Wider Circle

Leveraging Community Based Support Groups as a Consistent Member Engagement Channel to Address Loneliness, Social Isolation, and SDoH Gaps: A Peer-Reviewed, Actuarially Sound Solution for Improved Member Engagement, Cost, and Quality

  • Community based interventions improve outcomes, lower cost and have a significant impact on Social Isolation and Loneliness
  • Leveraging Community based interventions delivers a 50% improvement in member loyalty and retention
  • Investing in a Community based intervention such as Wider Circle as a significant and measurable ROI for payers