Agenda Sneak Peek

Check out an exclusive sneak peek of our first 10 confirmed sessions on the agenda for RISE National 2024, taking place March 17-19 in downtown Nashville. RISE National 2024 offers focused sessions across timely themes to encourage a deeper dive into the content most relevant to you, your job function, and your organization. Our full speaker line-up will be announced soon!


Track Theme:
Payer/Provider Strategic Alignment

Laying the Groundwork for Value-Based Care: Payer-Provider Interoperability to Enhance Prospective Risk Management

  • Share the key components and capabilities of a best-in-class risk identification, capture, and management program
  • Discuss optimization of the provider and care team experience, workflow and technology optimization, data and analytics use, and performance management processes
  • Share real life provider examples of the impact to performance through timely data, insight, and analytics-sharing between providers and their payer partners

An AI Driven-Approach to Collaborative and Compliant Care Continuity

  • Accuracy from initial submission - data submitted by providers is validated and identifies any missing information
  • Operational Efficiency – encourages point-of-care clinical assessment and reduces provider abrasion with fewer volume of retrospective records needed for retrieval
  • Financial Impact – lowers total costs compared to traditional chart retrieval process while also improving revenue cycle timelines compared to retrospective projects

Leveraging AI and NLP to Close Gaps in Care: A Transformational Journey

  • Technology transformation lessons learned and best practices
  • How to transform clinical data into longitudinal patient profiles delivered at the point of care
  • Recommendations to assist value-based care organizations in close care gaps prospectively

Pre-Conference Workshop

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Half-Day Workshop: 2024 Developments in Risk Adjustment Enforcement, Compliance, and Agency Actions and What Your Organization Should Be Doing Now

  • Spotting key risk areas based on developing cases and agency audits
  • Interactive discussion of the hard questions related to auditing, monitoring, and overpayments
  • Update on active and settled cases, lessons learned, and most critical takeaways
  • Discuss impacts to value-based contracting, risk adjustment operations (both at the health plan and medical group level), and incentive programs/pay for performance

Track Theme:
Risk Adjustment Strategies

The Best of Both Worlds: Uniting Retrospective and Prospective Strategies to Achieve Improved Patient Outcomes

  • Discuss the industry’s shift from retrospective to prospective risk adjustment, in efforts to forward value-based care
  • Explore a dual approach that balances the two methodologies to create a more holistic, patient-centric strategy
  • Identify technologies that can be leveraged to bolster your retrospective and prospective strategies


How Forward-Thinking Health Plans are Achieving Better Value by Leaving The Past Behind

  • Discuss how to take a wide view of gap closure by evaluating the patient holistically
  • Learn how to eliminate provider abrasion and increase value to the health plan
  • Discover how you can use this in other areas of the organization to improve results

Track Theme:
Integrating Silos

Case Study: Synergizing Quality Analytics and Risk Adjustment Programs with a Converged Approach

  • Learn how combining the efforts of quality and risk teams through a single analytics-based program can transform health plan operations, improve performance, and reduce costs
  • Discover the power of seamless information sharing to support member and provider engagement and enhance internal collaboration to drive better outcomes and happier members
  • Gain real-world insight as health plan leaders share their organizations’ strategic vision for undertaking an integrated approach to quality measurement and risk adjustment


Improve Compliance and Financial Performance With PCP-Centric Risk Adjustment

  • Understand the recent regulatory trends and actions impacting risk adjustment
  • Learn how provider-centric risk adjustment initiatives benefit the entire health care ecosystem: payers, providers, and patients
  • Learn how to engage providers in risk adjustment to improve compliant yield

Track Theme:
Quality and Member Experience

Exceptional Member Experience That Leads to Growth, Retention, and Better Care

  • Gain insight into members’ experience to identify what really matters to them, and prioritize opportunities to improve across their health care journey
  • Understand the importance of provider education and health plan communication alignment for improved effectiveness of in-home health visits
  • Learn how in-home health evaluations can impact enterprise-wide goals 

Track Theme:
Future of Health Care

Ethical Dimensions of AI in Shaping the Future of Health Care

  • Explore the ethical implications of AI integration in health care, focusing on its benefits and potential pitfalls
  • Discover the intricate ethical landscape of AI integration in health care and the imperative of building a culture of compliance
  • Delve into ensuring usability for future potentials, addressing techquity, and safeguarding against bias & misuse with a focus on the responsibility to protect vulnerable populations
  • Look at a programmatic design that illustrates the success & oversight associated with the deployment of a new AI product